beauty tips


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for beautiful face


1; Two teaspoons dried orange peel powder!
2; Bran a spoon!
3; A spoon yogurt!
4; A pinch turmeric!
Make a paste mixed to all content.
Apply the paste daily on your face again!
After drying, washing the face with warm water!
This paste, Finelines finish brings a glow to the face.


Multani clay and comes glow on the face by applying a paste of yogurt.


for end of black circle under eye, paste of Almond Impose on the face.


A teaspoon of lemon juice 
A teaspoon honey 
mixing of both planted on face.
It shall expire your facial wrinkles.


planted tomatoes on the face
It brings a glow to your face.


by Locating froth of raw milk 
becomes face is smooth and soft.


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